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Mississippi Bar Score-O Meet

April 20th, 2024

We had a beautiful spring day with everything still green for our first event for the year. Danny Lulla tried his hand at course setting for the first time and picked 30 excellent control points and got all the bags in the right places too. Great work!

The format was a mass start and 90 minutes to find as many control points as possible with a penalty for being out too long. In the end only one team wasn't able to make it back in time within (or almost within) the 90 minute limit, which made scoring the event much easier.

Welcome to Mississippi Bar

We had a great mix of people, some long time local runners, some new faces and a few seasoned veterans came up from the Bay Area to participate.

A big thank you for all who came out for the event and gave it your best shot!

The complete results list is in this pdf-file here.

Total Participants: 20

We will return on May 19th, for a full on B-meet with 6 courses at Sacramento Bar.

As a reminder, we are a volunteer run event and we were fortunate to have some strong people step up to make this event possible:

- Dan Rathbun, as always high energy, was the meet director and mentored Danny on the course setting.

- Paul Keaton ran the registration process with the calm, precision and a great attitude attitude, that we have come to expect from him.

- Danny Lulla, set courses and helped Dan with running the event.


- Diana Lulla helped with registration, finishes and snacks

- Kyle Porterand Ryan Zahner helped out with controll pick up despite tire legs from already racing.

BIG thanks to you all !!!

If you have time and interrest in helping make these events even better, please contact us. We love to have more people involved in the club!


The complete results list is in this pdf-file here.

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