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Our Schedule

Registration for most GCO events opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 12 noon. Starting Times are assigned from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Beginner Instruction is offered as requested. Hint: Come anytime between 9 and 11 to have time for instruction and a course.

Our fees: $10 for each adult and $5 for each child or youth (ages 7-18) for non-members and $8 for adults and $4 for children or youths for members of GCO or other Orienteering clubs.

A second course is $2 per person. You can also rent a compass for $1 plus a refundable $5 deposit.

We offer online registration for most meets! This will save you time, plus give us a better count for printing maps. Here's how it works:

  • You can register and pay for your first course of the event.
  • You can buy a GCO membership, for discounted event fees.
  • You can rent a compass.
  • If you register online, you also have to pay online, using a credit card.
  • To further help speed things along on the day of the event, our liability waiver is available during checkout.

If you sign up online, and make sure to complete all the information in the signup process, you will be able to simply walk up to the check-in table. No additional paper forms, no waivers; it's all done online.

NOTE: There will be NO online registration for the Nov. 19 meet at Granite Bay.

You can save time, particularly for groups, by filling out a Registration Form (left). Use ONE FORM for each individual or team going out together!!

PRE-REGISTRATION OPTION FOR GROUPS such as JROTC or Scouts with multiple teams. Contact the Event Director for each meet on the possibility of emailing your list of teams and courses a few days before the meet to save time.


Abbreviations: W = White, Y = Yellow, O = Orange, Br = Brown, Gr = Green, R = Red, B = Blue, ED = Event Director. CS = Course Setter.
White and Yellow are beginner courses. Orange is intermediate. Brown, Green, Red and Blue are all advanced courses with varying lengths and physical difficulty.

All meets are tentative, subject to park approval!! Dates might be changed for various reasons, so always check here! Look for more details on the meets closer to the date.

Looking for other nearby orienteering meets? Check out Bay Area Orienteering Club (BAOC) and terraloco.

We are including in our schedule below some of the closer six-event Nav-X Challenge Map Treks. Last year, GCO was one of the sponsors of this series, along with BAOC and terraloco. This year, Nav-X is becoming a nonprofit club, part of Orienteering USA. Check out the full schedule.

Meets and Events

Granite Bay
Granite Bay

Sunday, Nov. 12, Shell Ridge Park, Walnut Creek; Two- and Four-Hour Map Trek; Nav-X event.

Sunday, Nov. 19, Granite Bay, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area; ED: Dan Rathbun, 530-919-3785; CS: Bill MacDonald.

Our next meet will be at gorgeous Granite Bay, on the west shore of Folsom Lake.

This area is part of the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. The terrain includes beaches, rolling hills, varied forests and some intricate rock-studded areas. The lake in recent years has seen its ups and downs and it's always fun to see what it looks like in the fall, before winter rains (hopefully) set in.

NOTE: There will be NO online registration for this meet. If you are bringing a large group, please contact the Event Director to assure we have enough maps.

Here are the course statistics:

  • Course, Distance, Controls, Level, Description
  • White, 2.2 km, 10, Beginner, Controls on or close to roads/trails.
  • Yellow, 3.1 km, 12, Advanced, Beginner, Controls on distinct features close to trails.
  • Orange, 4.4 km, 14, Intermediate, Controls close to distinct features. Some X-country navigation needed.
  • Brown*, 4.5 km, 11, Advanced (Short), Controls on small features, technical X-country navigating required.
  • Red*, 6.1 km, 15, Advanced (Long), Controls on small features, technical X-country navigating required.

*Brown, and Red courses are on the longer side in order to reach the technical areas in the northeast corner of the map. Expect to spend 60-90 minutes on these courses based on your fitness and navigational skill.

Here is a link to the Course Setter's Notes. Bill plans to update them during the next week, so check back before the meet!

Volunteer to help us out and get one meet free! Sign up for a task here.

Here are details about Granite Bay and directions to get there. Please note there is a $12 park fee payable when you enter. A Google map link is here.

Saturday, Dec. 9, Old Town Folsom; ED/CS: Dwight Freund, , 916-481-2850.


Deer Creek Hills
Deer Creek Hills

Saturday, March 17, through Sunday, March 25, 2018, COW 2018 or California Orienteering Week, seven national events over nine days.

GCO and BAOC are co-sponsoring this week with four events in the Bay Area and the final three on our terrain.

You can get the full schedule and all the details at the official COW 2018 website

Because these are national events, the five areas are embargoed. That means you cannot go to them if you plan to compete in the events.

Here is the brief schedule:

  • Saturday, March 17: Middle at Morgan Territory, near Livermore
  • Sunday, March 18: Middle at Morgan Territory
  • Monday, March 19: Middle at Point Pinole, near Richmond
  • Wednesday, March 21: Middle at Mills College, Oakland
  • Friday, March 23: Sprint at Sierra College, Rocklin
  • Saturday, March 24: Long at Deer Creek Hills Preserve, Rancho Murieta
  • Sunday, March 25: Middle at Deer Creek Hills Preserve, Rancho Murieta

The three GCO meets are our first National Events, sanctioned by Orienteering USA. The Event Director for those is Mats Jansson, , 916-436-7660; the course setters are Dwight Freund for Sierra College and Bill and Heidi Cusworth for Deer Creek Hills.

Here is information about Sierra College and directions to get there.

Here is information about Deer Creek Hills and directions to get there.