Sacramento Bar Meet

May 19th, 2024 - Another beautiful Spring day!

Spring at Sacramento Bar

The mild spring day offered a perfect backdrop to Kyle Poland's first go at setting five courses for a full B-meet. As expected, he came through with interesting and challenging courses with some great views. The rich spring vegetation and the constantly changing human settlements in the area, meant some of the smaller trails had disappered and new ones had sprung up. This added some unintentional additional challenges that fortunately only affected the advanced courses. Sorry to all of you who got tripped up by this.

As usual, we had a great mix of people; families with kids, local long time runners, new faces and a few seasoned veterans from the Bay.

A big thank you for all who came out for the event and gave it your best shot!

We will return on October for a beginner event at Orangevale Park.

Post race snack
Post race snacks and debrief!
Course setter

And THANK YOU goes to the volunteers that made this event possible:

- Kyle Poland who first learnt the software, the set all the courses, printed the maps, hung all the controls, helped with start and finihers and still had energy to do more than half the control pick up!!!

- Paul Keaton who handled insurances, permitting and then ran the registration

- Dwight Freund who helped set up and ran the starts

- Ryan Zahner & Tim Libell who took care of the finishers

- Danny Lulla, who helped with set up and teardown and everyting in between.

Place Name Time (min) Note
1 Derek Daun 1:03:00
1 Jonika Lomeli 0:46:02
2 Kelly & Jenk Poland 0:50:40
3 Betty McHugh & friends 1:20:00
4 Joel, Katy, Olivia and Bruce Olsen 1:34:00
5 Gary Kraght 0:43:12 No #10
1 Rich Alden 1:51:03
2 BS Speed Unit 2:20:13
3 Tina Traxler & Doug Johnson 2:42:15
1 Johanna Merriss 1:28:55
2 Jay Hann 1:39:45
3 Jonika Lomeli 1:52:45 2nd course
4 Gary Kraght 1:13:00 No #2
5 Danny Lulla 1:56:10 No #2
6 Olga Kraght 1:56:45 No #2
7 Jennifer Kerr DNF
8 D. Freund DNF
1 Rex Winterbottom 1:28:05
2 Ryan Zahner 1:34:00
3 Kris Andersen 2:22:06
4 Gavit Wyatt-Mair 2:29:35
5 Jerry Skirvin DNF

Total Participants: 34

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